Lao P.D.R. Health Research Portal

Lao Health Research Portal is an integrated online health research management system that offers substantial benefits for all stakeholders in health research. The Portal aims to improve accountability, efficiency and quality of health research conducted in Lao PDR by increasing transparency and streamlining the ethics review process.

The Portal can be used to:

  • Submit at anytime from anywhere research proposals for review by any of the two Research Ethics Review Committees (NECHR in NIOPH and UHS Committee) operating in the Lao PDR. Researchers need to register on the Portal. Once registered you will have a permanent account and be able to submit research proposal in a paper-less way and to track the review status of their proposals.
  • Search ongoing and completed health research from December 2012 onwards through a publically accessible research registry. No registration or log-in is required to search the ongoing research.
  • Access complete research reports for the research started since December 2012 once the research is completed. [Since the system is launched only December 2012, there are no research reports in the system at present, but will be added as and when a research is completed over time].
  • Access information on all the applicable guidelines, rules, and regulations related to health research in Laos PDR.
  • Access a “Researchers Directory” containing information on the national and international researchers doing research in Lao PDR.
  • Access a "Investigator Directory" containing information on all the investigators doing research in Laos PDR.



New rule for payment of the ethical review


The new rule of payment for the ethical review has been implemented since the agreement has been made by the National Ethic Committee for Health Research No 001/NECHR, dated on 18/7/2016. Please see the detail below:



Fee for review

(in Kip)


Routine to Research (R2R) research

Fee exemption


Lao student conducting research for his/her dissertation



Foreign student conducting research for his/her dissertation



Lao student or foreign student that has a research project funded in the total amount of <=   50,000,000 Kips



Research project that funded in the total amount of 50,000,000 to 100,000,000 Kips



Research project that funded in the total amount of > 100,000,000 Kips


Posted: 2016-09-07

List of documents need for submission


Documents need for submission of research proposal

Posted: 2016-04-05 More...

How to pay for the ethical review on health research


How to pay for the ethical review on health research

Posted: 2016-01-20 More...
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